Welcome to the Lance Wilson for Sheriff Website.

My name is Lance Wilson, candidate for the Office of Sheriff, Caldwell County, in 2014.

After much prayer, guidance, and direction and by humbly receiving a vast amount of support from family, friends and the great citizens of Caldwell County, I announce to you my sincere desire to serve as your next Sheriff in Caldwell County.

There are numerous reasons I seek the Office of Sheriff in Caldwell County as outlined in this site. I start by stating law enforcement is a special calling in one's life. A law enforcement officer has many responsibilities and serves in a variety of capacities. A law enforcement officer is a servant, a provider, a protector, a counselor, a friend, a teacher, and a peacemaker to name a few. A true law enforcement officer is one who is sworn in or affirmed by taking the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and our great state by protecting and serving to the best of the officer's' abilities and by doing so at the highest level of standards. As a humble, loyal servant over the past seventeen years in Caldwell County I have fulfilled this mission and have done so without wavering by standing on principle and truth. I have led in numerous capacities during my career thus far and I have answered thousands of calls for service during my tenure. It has come time to answer this call for service and stand up by serving as the Sheriff of Caldwell County. True leadership does not involve power by position but by influence. The time has come to for me to influence by becoming Caldwell County's Voice of Truth. The success of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office depends very much on the Sheriff's ability to influence and inspire. With that being stated, I believe with all of my heart I am the one to influence, inspire and lead Caldwell County into a new era.

I have a vision and future plan for our Sheriff's Office and it is called "A New Beginning." A New Beginning is a creation of positive foundation and a platform which includes second to none moral and ethical standard, morale, and motivation coupled with the implementation of more positions, programs, organizational plans and change which develops immediate movement into a new direction. The traditional concept of “This is how we have always done it” does not apply and will be discarded. A New Beginning will reduce the negatives to include ongoing misconduct and internal investigations, high turnover rate and increasing crime rates and index which will in turn save the taxpayers of Caldwell County while providing a paramount level of safety. With passion and determination I state to you, A New Beginning will benefit Caldwell County, the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office and employees, and the fine citizens of Caldwell County. Without delay, The New Beginning will take place immediately after being sworn in as the Sheriff of Caldwell County.

I pledge to you, citizens of Caldwell County, "Under my watch the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office will provide the highest standard of law enforcement services and protection our county has ever experienced." I pledge to you, citizens of Caldwell County, "I will take a stand, influence, inspire and lead us into a path of positives." I ask you to stand with me as we make Caldwell County safer for our children, our families and all citizens alike. I ask for your support in May of 2014 as we embark on "A New Beginning" together.

May God bless you, the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Caldwell County.

Lance Wilson

Paid for by committee to elect Lance Wilson Sheriff
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